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  Information Technology Research (ITR) is a broad, cross-disciplinary area that investigates ways in which fundamental innovations in Information Technology affect and are affected by the research process. CITR's mission is to establish and maintain UTK as a world leader in research and education in advanced scientific computing.

As part of its role in developing and extending the cross-disciplinary activities of UTK's scientific computing efforts, CITR has three primary goals:

Research: Keep UTK on the leading edge of high performance scientific computing by supporting the work of the Innovative Computing Lab (ICL).

Education: Accelerate growth of Computational Science at UTK by continuing to build the Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Computational Science (IGMCS).

Collaboration: Work with UTK faculty and ORNL researchers to develop, fund, and recruit talent for new ITR research and education projects and programs.

To achieve the aforementioned goals, CITR

  • Leads efforts to cultivate, develop and successfully pursue funding opportunities,
  • Recruits highly talented faculty, post-docs, students, visitors and research professionals,
  • Builds up and maintains internal talent, leading edge infrastructure, and external collaboration networks, and
  • Communicates leadership and success to a global community through publications, consultation and training, thriving collaborations, and widely used, mission critical software.


Other Centers of Excellence

  In addition to CITR, other Centers of Excellence have been created within the university system. Below is a list of each of these additional centers including their directors, along with a link to each if one currently exists.

Claxton Complex

Contact CITR

203 Claxton Complex
1122 Volunteer Blvd
Knoxville, TN 37996-3450
Phone: (865) 974-8295
Fax: (865) 974-8296